Digital Photography Intermediate


Enrolment Requirements

You will need to bring your own camera (any type is suitable for this course) and need to be comfortable using a range of technical settings, features and functions. You should have a confident understanding of photographic principles including:
 Framing & Composition
 Three Point Lighting & Chiaroscuro
 Psychology of Colour & Monochrome
 Depth of Field & Shutter Speed
 Macro photography
 Low light photography
 Authoring images.
If not, you are advised to complete Digital Photography Beginners before attending this course.

What will I learn on this course?

    This course follows directly on from Digital Photography Beginners but is open to anyone who is familiar with the principles of good photography as set out in the enrolment requirements, and who is confident using their camera. This course is practical in nature, and is designed to enhance your technical and creative skills by featuring experiments and projects intended to help you explore new ways in which to use your camera and imagination. Topics covered include:
     Creating ‘ghost’ images
     Incorporating motion into your photographs
     Photographing your own DNA as a self portrait
     Creating distortion
     Photographing liquids in an artistic style
     Manipulating optical distortion
     Layered lighting techniques
     Altering perspective
     Making colours look spectacular
     Making the ordinary look extraordinary.

Assessment and Awarding Body: non-accredited

Activities and work will be assessed by your tutor.


You will be expected to attend every week. If you cannot attend, you will be set work to ensure you meet your learning outcomes.

What else do I need to know?

Each week you will be asked to bring a range of items from home to use in the session. Your tutor will advise you when this is necessary.

What could I do next?

You could go on to study photography in further education at a local college.

Course Start Date(s)

Various - please see prospectus for further details.

Course Length

10 weeks

Course Price

Full Fee

Discounted Fee

Full Concession

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