Higher Advanced Apprenticeship in Management


Enrolment Requirements

This is a level 4 qualification and requires suitable academic ability to cope with this apprenticeship. In order to enrol on this course you must be in paid employment in one of the following roles; manager, head of function or area manager to ensure it fits the requirements of the apprenticeship. It is expected that level 4 higher apprentices will have some experience of working at a junior or middle management level to ensure they have the suitable foundations on which to further build their knowledge and skills. Learners are also expected to have some line management experience. You will attend a monthly hub session to support the completion of your management qualification. You will be expected to be working at a good level of English and maths (GCSE standard) due to the rigours of the assessments. You will be assessed before starting the programme to ensure the role and your academic level can cope with the level of the qualification.

What will I learn on this Course?

Managers at level 4 play an integral role in developing and supporting organisational objectives through a wide range of functions, such as: managing team dynamics, delegation and capability building, planning and managing projects, and managing budgets. During your apprenticeship you will develop knowledge in the following areas:
 Principles of building respectful and productive working relationships in organisations
 Managing personal and professional development
 Principles of management and leadership in organisations
 Operational and human resource planning and management

Assessment and Awarding body: NCFE

You will attend training monthly sessions, where you will learn the underpinning knowledge and will access One File e portfolio during your off the job time in the work place to complete assignment work.
You will be assessed by assignments, online exams and practical observations.


You will be working in a management environment, receiving training in the workplace and will attend the training centre for monthly training sessions in management. You do not need to complete English or maths qualifications but it is expected that you will be working at GCSE level to cope with the academic requirements. You must attend all sessions.

What else do I need to know?

This is a level 4 qualification and you will be expected to write assignments to this level. There are several assessments during the programme and it is important you secure support from your employer and have time to complete these assessments before enrolling on this programme.

What Could I do next?

The Level 5 Higher Apprenticeship in Management & Leadership Further or higher education to undertake business related or other qualifications, including: Foundation Degrees in areas such as management and leadership, business, business management, and business administration.

Course Start Date(s)

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Course Length

24 months

Course Price

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