Intermediate Apprenticeship Teaching Assistant


Enrolment Requirements

You must:
 Be employed at a school for 30 hours per week, working with children aged five or over
 Be in the correct role within school to achieve the qualification
 You will be required to achieve Level 2 standard in English, Level 1 in maths and ICT if you have not already done so. You must produce existing copies of English, maths or ICT certificates to assess their relevance if you have already completed the required standard. A decision will be made once these certificates have been seen. Otherwise all apprentices will need to attend weekly functional skills sessions from the beginning of their programme.

What will I learn on this Course?

You will develop understanding of and demonstrate competence in the teaching assistant’s role of supporting the teacher in relation to pupil learning, especially literacy and numeracy skills. This will include:
 Child development
 Pupil learning
 The National Curriculum
 The legal and national requirements of equal opportunities, special educational needs, health and safety and safeguarding procedures.
You will also cover Employee Rights and Responsibilities and Personal Learning Thinking Skills. You will gather evidence for this as you build your portfolio of evidence (see below).

Assessment and Awarding body: CACHE

You will complete an E Portfolio of evidence which will hold all assessments completed. You will be assessed using a variety of methods, such as:
 Assignments
 Observations of you working with children
 Reflective accounts
 Professional discussion
 And many more.
It is expected that you will spend around 20% of your contracted time “off the job training” and will attend workshops every three to four weeks. You will need the support and approval of your employer who will work closely with you to review your progress. You will need to access One File e portfolio to work on assignments as part of your off the job training in the work place.


You will be working in a school environment and receiving training in the work place as well as the classroom where you will learn underpinning knowledge for the qualification. You may also be attending weekly functional skills sessions. You must attend all sessions to ensure you progress through your qualification.

What else do I need to know?

You must be employed by a school for 12-18 months to complete the required assessments. An enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service certificate is required to be employed by a school.

What could I do next?

You will be able to move onto the Advanced Apprenticeship in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools.

Course Start Date(s)

Please phone for information

Course Length

12-18 months

Course Price

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