Schools into Work Programme Update

Employment and Skills North Tyneside

It was a very busy few weeks to the end of term with the Employment and Skills ‘Schools into Work’ programme.

Year 8 pupils at George Stephenson High School enjoyed an excellent employer-led ‘Decades Day’ in school. This event was aimed at being a taster day for pupils both to broaden and raise their awareness of career opportunities, to reflect on how careers in have changed over the last 10 years – and what the next 10 years might look like for opportunities for young people locally, in the wider region and beyond. Support for this day was given by HMRC, TyneMet, Interpreting Line, NHS Engineers and North East Dance. Activities delivered by each employer included the opportunity for a practical task and an overview of the organisation, role, progression and opportunities and brought labour market information about their sector alive to the pupils. All employers who engaged with the event were enthusiastic to take part in another day or similar activities and saw the benefit of involving other members of their team, e.g. those who have come through the apprenticeship scheme. A range of comments from all employers highlighted how positive they had found the day to be. “All in all a good day for everyone”; “See you next year!”; “We enjoyed being involved and would be happy to help in the future”. School were also very positive in their evaluation highlighting the “event was bespoke, fun and informative. Absolutely could not have been better.”