STEM Innovation Project (North Tyneside)

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) Innovation Project is delivered as a partnership between the NTC Employment and Skills Service and VODA, the volunteering centre for North Tyneside. Both organisations provide one-to-one support, with VODA leading on volunteering options and North Tyneside Council leading on training and employment opportunities.

Tailored one-to-one employment support based upon individual needs is provided through workshops, volunteering and workplace visits. It helps participants look at skills and interests in STEM and broker volunteering opportunities in the community; designed to provide opportunities to learn more about STEM subjects.

There is also an eight-week programme of training workshops, aimed at helping participants find out about the varied careers that use STEM skills. From making lava or bath bombs to discovering forensics and DNA, astronomy, plant and body x-rays, and sound technology—there’s something for everyone!

Further information on the STEM Innovation Project is available here.